Intelligent Robot: Redefine the Catering Services

AI technology will become commercialized and Intelligent Robot has been embedded. Intelligent Robot starts applying in food and beverage industry from greetings to delivery services, and automate the service management for exposing the new edge.

Intelligent Robot Applies to Different Cuisine Styles

Each Intelligent Robot has various features such as Anti-Collision System that keeps a safe distance and prevent collisions, Support U turn lane and fork road design, Tailor-made Design for different turning angels which fit into the design of the restaurant. Although the Smart Robot size is different, the food delivery services remain high stability while routing in a complex and crowded environment with the smart navigation. The highlight is Smart Robot will not limit its operation and delivering services wherever in the following restaurants or cuisine styles as Japanese, Western, Korean BBQ, Ramen, Chinese Cuisine, Hotpot and more types of restaurants.

Taking an example of Korean restaurant in Hong Kong, the Intelligent Robot has a lidar sensor underneath, once scanning the location and its route, it will be running with the designated route and away from the restricted areas, meanwhile, the robot has 2 – 4 trays (removable) that efficiency than staff delivered. Another example of shabu shabu shop, after pulling Intelligent Robot into the restaurant, it able to cater 40 plates of meat from the kitchen, which is 4 – 5 times more than hand-delivered food. It could be seen that Intelligent Robot has a high stability during the food delivering services, as well as solving the labor issue or occupational injury that commonly happen in food and beverage industry.

New Catering Experience Throughout Intelligent Robot

The robot is cost effectively in food & beverage industry because it has basic and simple functions including greetings, take a seat and ordering food. The robot can also assist for greetings during the non-busy mealtime, simple interaction with guests, take turns to the seat and sing a birthday song for guest. The highlight is if applied 2 robots in the restaurant, they can communicate with each other and recharge themselves when they are free, to maximize their functions and quality services.

As good as Intelligent Robot starts enhancing customer experience in food & beverage industry, to fix labor shortage, operational cost, hygiene facilities those core issues. During this revolution, Intelligent Robot becomes a partner with workers that delivering value in a rapidly changing business model. If you are interested on Smart Robert, please contact us by email at or reach us via (852) 2343 6884 for more details.