A Minute to Study: Turnstiles

Turnstiles mainly installed at train station and the airport, it applies to more places due to its convenience. Throughout the biometrics technology, enterprise starts using biometrics turnstiles instead of the traditional style for effectively monitoring the situation. Hence, what should we look forward on the biometrics turnstiles?

Biometrics Turnstiles

Biometrics turnstiles generally applied in office buildings, factories, airport, theme parks, and specifically limit the exit-entry permit when differentiate staff and visitors by screening the biometrics scanner. During the pandemic period, public has high demand on biometrics turnstiles due to hygiene and safety reasons. Take an example of office buildings, it used to install Thermal Camera for temperature measurement and Turnstiles ( Swing Barrier, Flap Barrier and Tripod Turnstiles ) for entry or exit control.  However, Biometrics Turnstiles include temperature measurement, accuracy rate of face verification almost 99%, variety of traffic width and direction, adjustable turnstile gate direction and integrate any brand of access card readers, which exploit the economic impact with time-saving factor.

Intelligentization in High Speed Rail

Biometrics Turnstiles not only applied in commercial buildings, but also the public transportation to speed up passenger flow. Give an example of the cross-boundary land transport in Hong Kong, several self-service stations equipped with facial detection, which combined the ticket and identification as one for simplifying the entry procedures. Meanwhile, the width of gate can be adjusted between 550mm and 990mm for wheelchair users and tourist purposes.

With the latest technology of Access Control, Biometrics Turnstiles able to meet different venue application. For any enquiries, please contact Ensec Solutions for more details by email at enquiry@ensecsolutions.com or reaching us at (852) 2343 6884.