All Round Security Solutions in Smart Campus

Nearly 1,000 academies with over 10,000 teachers and students in Hong Kong, and campus safety is accorded with high priority. While facing the campus security issues, intelligent security system act as a professional “Safe Guard” besides of the workers and security guard, to build a safety and zero-crisis campus.

Over 10 Campus Areas Are Required For Security Installation

To further strengthen campus security, majority of schools have been installed various security and anti-theft systems on the following areas to enhance the security level.

Video Surveillance

By 24-hour video surveillance, it works for monitoring inside and outside the campus which the generic security equipment can effectively prevent the suspicious cases, to reduce the chance of burglarized.

Suggested locations: Campus Entrance, School Office, Assembly Hall, Corridor, Playground, Library

Access Control and Attendance System

The access control and attendance system can identify and control the access rights of staff and visitors, while the attendance record can eliminate the workload of data entry.

Suggested locations: School Office, Staff Room, Conference Room

Intercom system

Intercom system is commonly installed the entrance of staff room that prevent students trespassing into the room. Also, the built-in camera able to identify visitors distantly to ensure the campus safety.

Suggested locations: School Office, Staff Room, Security Room

Burglar Alarm

If burglar alarm detects the intruder, burglar alarm will whines and notify the control centre directly with 24-hour alarm system.

Suggested locations: Corridor, Multi-purpose Activity Room, Laboratory, Assembly Hall, School Office, Staff Room

Thermal Temperature Detection

Thermal temperature detection can effectively and quickly identify fever cases, including color image screenshots, hot spot tracking, etc., that protect teachers and students in a timely manner.

Suggested locations: Campus Entrance, Medical Station

Intelligent Robot

Nowadays, intelligent Robert, AV equipment and broadcasting systems are commonly equipped with classroom instead of using blackboard teaching. Throughout the smart devices, it is not only for supporting teaching purpose but also enhancing students’interest in learning.

Suggested locations: STEM Lab / STEAM Lab, Classroom, Multi-purpose Activity Room

Cloud Management System in Campus

The popularization of intelligence or digitalization has led to the rise of centralization, allowing user to centrally manage real-time data and upload to cloud system for data analysis. In daily basis, teachers can access, record, edit, modify and create teaching materials at anytime and anywhere. However, some academies still observing the trend of intelligence, and the overwhelming materials and data could be integrated to the management system that saving the unnecessary steps.

Besides of teaching, cloud-based management system can be used for management on AI People Counting. AI People Counting needs lenses, automatic alarm systems and facial recognition tracking devices to conduct real-time statistics. To accelerate the campus safety, it is well pleased to upload real-time data while processing the video analytics to cloud-based system. Moreover, there has more security and anti-theft systems can be installed to campus areas, such as Library Management System, Wireless Walkie-Talkie, Automatic Barrier System, Notebook, AV System, Turnstiles, RFID technology and more security management systems and equipment, which can take smart security management to achieve security requirements nowadays.

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