Top 5 Security Items for Retail Stores

Hong Kong – named as Shopping Paradise, not only providing the quality services to customers, also giving a safety shopping environment to reduce the criminal activities under CCTV system. Besides of CCTV system, which security facilities need to be installed in a retail store? What is the next security trend? Let’s check the following features and it will help you a lot.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a must-have security facility at the store, it works for deterrence and monitor the real-time situation. Nowadays, CCTV applied AI technology featuring video analytics function on Face Recognition, Behaviour Analytics, Smoke and Fire Detection and other object recognition analytics on behaviour analysis and application analysis. This AI video analytics aims to strengthen the security monitoring with reporting purpose and formulate security strategies, which is the popular and frequently used smart security system in these years.


When compared to traditional EAS system, RFID is easy to install and not take up the space that much-loved by luxury brand, fashion brand, supermarkets and department stores. The principle of RFID is emitting radio wave through RFID transmitter, when RFID tag attached an item within the sensing range, it will be identified automatically as well as sending out the radio wave in responding to the RFID transmitter. Due to RFID technology is on a maturity stage in the market, enterprises have acquired RFID technology into inventory management to minimize the operational cost and grasp the stock status.

EAS System

EAS system is one of the traditional security facilities, when the product is not yet degaussed during the checkout process, the electronic signal will be released instantly, examples commonly applying to furniture stores, clothing shops, shoes shops, supermarket and more retail stores. Research study shows the main sources of loss in retail industry in Asia Pacific region is shoplifting and Hong Kong accounted for 55%, and second is theft by dishonest employees and administrative errors. It can be seen EAS system act as a key role in security system to reduce the commodity loss.

Burglar Alarm

Burglar alarm is not installed at restaurants, commercial buildings and residential buildings only, but also shopping malls, retail stores, schools, libraries, stadiums and more locations need to be installed for crime prevention. Burglar alarm typically distinguished with Door Contacts, Passive Infra-red Sensor, Acoustic Glass Break Sensor, Vibration Sensor and Panic Button, which effectively reduce the criminal incident throughout different burglar alarm systems.

Remote Monitoring

To fully monitor the store status, remote monitoring in application could help whenever to monitor warehouse and office status 24 hours. Remote monitoring has multiple functions including Viewing and recording up to 16 cameras simultaneously, Set the number of days to keep recordings, Available to browse on specific software or any browser without geographical restrictions, Select different split screens and more remote monitoring functions. Thus, you can manage the business operation whenever you are staying in with the remote monitoring system.

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