Tetralogy of Office Security Systems

In the latest statical survey as of June 2023, there has over 360,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong, covering all different industries. Except employees, it is undeniable that every company has many confidential documents, product inventories, business data and some countless but important assets. To protect these assets, it is required to install security systems which ensuring the asset safety. Hence, here with our recommendations for securing the assets.

Step 1: Use Smart Access Control System

Smart Solutions or Intelligence is surrounding to our live, facial recognition is commonly applied in different industries instead of using access card or key. The unique biometric feature not only including facial, but also fingerprint, palm, retinas and other biometric recognitions. It is popular to apply in different industries towards the high recognition accuracy and temperature detection.

Step 2: Install CCTV Systems

CCTV is one of the essential security and anti-theft systems. It only allow monitoring in the control room in the past, but now can apply remote monitoring by using smartphone as easier as controlling the camera angle, fast-forward/back functions, and other functions distantly. To effectively monitor the area, video clarity, storage capacity, media output format and system performance are required to achieve the highest standard.

Step 3: Burglar Alarm System

Burglar alarm system is also one of the defensive line to secure the safety and its access. At the same time, the alarm system will trigger a sound, creating an alert to enterprise for capturing the relevant footage and record the video instantly, grasping the real-time situation and call the police appropriately. Burglar Alarm System also commonly applying in the Government, Insurance and Banking industries.

Step 4: Maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance can greatly save the maintenance cost, as good as extend the life of those security systems. In general, maintenance service is on three months or six months basis, it also subject to the client needs to adjust the maintenance schedule. As a professional security service provider, Ensec Solutions’ professional maintenance team is always strive to provide the most comprehensive services to clients.

Besides of the aboved security systems, other security systems including Video Intercom, Door Contact, Infrared Sensor also capable to prevent the theft, while installing at office. If you are interested in the above products and services, please contact us by email at enquiry@ensecsolutions.com or reaching us at (852) 2343 6884 for more product details.