Five Burglar Alarm Equipment You Need To Know

The burglar alarm equipment is one of the essential anti-theft systems in the security system. The function is to protect people and property in the unit, so it is suitable for many places and can be seen everywhere. Burglar alarm equipment come with various types of system devices, enterprises can select the appropriate alarm equipment based on different considerations, nature of protection and budget. The following is the common alarm equipment in the market, which will help enterprise have a basic understanding of each device.

Panic Sensor

Panic sensor is mainly installed in banks, jewelry stores, warehouses, or even elderly center where emergency support is needed. When an emergency occurs, press the emergency button to output the alarm signal, so that relevant staff can understand the on-site situation and handle it appropriately.

Vibration Sensor

A vibration sensor is a common safety device that triggers an alarm or detects the vibration of an object by sensing the vibration of the object. When a vibration occurs to the sensor, the sensor can sense and generate relevant responses. In addition, the vibration sensor can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor vibration according to different requirements to meet the needs of different situations.

Door Contacts

Door contacts are mainly installed at doors and windows, the alarm system will be triggered when illegal entry occurs. The door contact has many characteristics, such as sensitive detection response, easy installation, high-pitched alarm, etc. It will be no sound when the main body and the magnet are tightly closed. It can be seen that the application of this magnetic control technology is very convenient and reliable that can be widely used and applicable to anywhere.

Glass Break Sensor

The glass break sensor is a detector used to detect glass breakage, it contains waterproof and not affected by window vibration. Glass break sensor is mainly installed on glass windows, showcases, glass doors, curtain walls, and more. Therefore, when intruder breaks the glass, the alarm signal can be sent out immediately, which often installed in restaurants, warehouses, jewelry stores and other locations.

Infrared Sensor

The infrared sensor with detection sensor function will trigger the alarm system as soon as it detects any person or object moving outside office hours (it can be adjusted to a certain radiation parameter value to avoid false alarms). Therefore, infrared sensor is commonly installed in offices, jewelry stores, hotels, etc.

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