Data Loss Prevention by Curtain e-locker

A threat survey report issued in 2022 revealed that insider attacks have become more frequent, and the number of incidents has risen 44% since 2020. Types of common threats including Data Loss and Exploit of Systems’ Vulnerabilities, and hackers get used posing security threat to the organization through data leak. To prevent the data loss, Data Loss Prevention is your safeguard to prevent sensitive information leaking out from the organization.

Against Insider Attacks

To prevent insider attacks, enterprise must detect and prevent insider attacks before hacked. Curtain e-locker is a Data Loss Prevention system (DLP System) that prevent your confidential files leaking out to the company or competitors, and also work on CCTV system which comprehensively block those malwares.

Curtain e-locker Server Plug-in

After installing DLP System, user only able to share documents in the protected directory where installed DLP System in those specific computers. Protected Directory means the security zone consists of protected data on the server that information can be read and modified, and permission is required if share information externally.

File Sharing (Internal and External)

After installing DLP System, user only available to encrypt, copy and share documents in the workstation internally. When receiver double clicks the encrypted files, it will be automatically decrypted to the protected directory for viewing and editing.

If sending files to external, encrypt the sensitive files with password into the USB or email firstly, when receiver decrypt files by entering correct password, it will be automatically decrypted for viewing and editing.

Online / Offline Protection

User able to use the sensitive data within a period of time when the computer is online. If user need to use the sensitive data when the computer is offline, user can download it to local protected directory which still protected by DLP System. User can edit files in local protected directory and upload it to server when back to the office.


Once computer installed DLP System, it can be detected if anyone record the videos played in that computer and watermark will display for blocking and sharing to internet. Meanwhile, user only save and export the video in protected directory to prevent leaked videos.

Screen Watermark

To enforce the screen watermark displayed on specific applications, screen watermark can be tailor-made, such as User name, Date and time, IP address, Font color, Transparency and more watermark display functions.

Curtain e-locker is a DLP System, it can be applied to Education industry, Government, Banking industry, Pharmaceutical industry and more industries to adopt WFH model. If you are interested on DLP System, please contact us by email at or reach us via (852) 2343 6884 for more details.