Remote Control Becomes A New Trend in Enterprise Models

Remote control is not only suitable for home living, but also for different places such as office, warehouse, shop, restaurant, etc. Compared with the traditional on-site monitoring, remote control is more convenient in managing and monitoring all business conditions of each location. It demonstrates remote control can apply to different situations with flexible productivity.

Remote Control in One Step

Operable remote control includes remote monitoring, through remote monitoring equipment such as camera lense, video surveillance system, display screen, anti-theft system, network switch, surveillance hard disk recording, and more combined with computer and or phone application, the camera direction can be adjusted at any place and at any time to receive real-time information, allowing remote control operation to be monitored and protect enterprises and employees in all round. In addition, remote control can apply to access control system, generally through QR Code scanner, video intercom system, tablet computer and other facilities. Visitors and users can use QR Code to unlock the door and verify their identity, without the need for on-site security guard. Assistance can also be provided in and out of the premises, effectively managing entry and exit records. Therefore, QR Code access control system is often used in hotel, shared office, hotel, and other places that require designated time entry and exit.

The Increasing Importance of Remote Control

Remote control, rarely mentioned before the epidemic, is more commonly heard in the IT industry. However, after the epidemic spread across the world, the term of remote control is no longer unfamiliar to us. Even after the epidemic, business model have already embraced remote control and have shifted to new working model. In the past, we could only rely on security guard to control CCTV, but now technical supports able to provide remote support through applications. Under this hybrid working model, is hard for companies back to the previous working model. As remote support becomes more popular, whether it is CCTV, Access Control Systems, IT services, People Counting System, etc., enterprises’ demand for remote control will keep increasing to allocate resources for improving the business and its productivity.

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