Trivia of Security System

The economy is gradually recovering, and Office Relocation, Warehouse Relocation, Store Opening and Commercial Building Completion are all being reorganized, which means the need for security and anti-theft system is very indeed. It is considered different industries require different security systems. Let’s debunk by following questions now.

Q: Are there only Access Control System and CCTV Solution as security solutions?

A: Various security systems or applications such as Burglar Alarm, Automatic Barrier System, Turnstiles, EAS System, People Counting System, Intercom System, RFID Solution and more. Enterprise are able to select the suitable security solutions based on their business requirements, stores (e.g. the size of the store, indoor or outdoor area) and budgetary control.

Q: What is the trend of security systems?

A: With the changes of times and the advancement of technologies, Biometrics Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technology are currently the most popular technological anti-theft systems. It can apply in Access Control, CCTV and Retail Security.

Q: Remote control is only applicable to the scope of the monitoring system?

A: Except the remote monitoring, remote control also supports the remote operation and management functions. An example of creating the temporary visitor QR Code, administrator can unlock throughout the control panel; or make the video call via intercom system, administrator can unlock the door distantly after confirming the identity.

Q: What if designated security systems are required by headquarter?

A: Overseas headquarters usually have established security procedures, such as designated security brands, install specific product models, require specific security systems, etc. Ensec Solutions has extensive experience in such cases with our professional acknowledgement and after-sales services to handle those specific requirements.

Q: Should maintenance services be performed for various security systems?

A: We recommend enterprises perform regular maintenance services whatever is monitoring systems, alarm systems, detection equipment and more, to ensure that the system maintain normal operation with good operating condition to protect the safety of corporate property.

Q: Why Ensec Solutions?

A: Ensec Solutions is a licenced security system company, we provide One-stop Security and IT Solution to Retail, Commercial, Government, Education and NGO and more industries throughout the AI technology and the latest security solutions. Last but not least, Ensec Solutions is the first and only licenced security system company awarded “Hong Kong Premier Service Brand” Award in Hong Kong.

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