Take The First Step To Uplift Your Brand Throughout The RFID Technology With EAS in-ceiling

Online shopping is the trend in nowadays, people do not have intention to walk around the shop frequently due to the door-to-door services become a normal practice. However, pick-up the order in store is still one of the choices and how can the retailer provide a qualified shopping experience to customer before their entrance?

Provide a better shopping experience to customer is one of the retailer’s branding strategies, aiming to experience a different shopping journey and the next purchase. Most of the stores deploy a retail security solution like the traditional EAS system (Electronic Article Surveillance System) to protect the asset also against the theft, but it limits the entrance area. Hence, EAS in-ceiling is the most popular retail security solution in the market. This security solution does not involve the extensive structural change, is easily to move the RFID antennas into the ceiling which opens the grand and beautiful entrance, also minimize the response of false alarm.

Examples of applying EAS in-ceiling are frequently used in Supermarket, Department Store, Electronic Store, Fashion Shop, and more retail industries, provide the qualified shopping experience to customers while taking their first step to the shop and look forward to their next purchase.

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