Debunk Common Myths About Security System

Smart Technology, Digitalization and Big Data become a new business model in each industry, it could be identified as a challenge while turning to the digital transformation, but it drives a positive impact on business performance and its recognition. Disappointedly, a series of questions about security system equipped with digitalization, security monitoring and electronic security turn into common myths. Let’s debunk by following questions.

Q: Security system includes which security facilities?

A: Access Control System, CCTV Solution, Burglar Alarm System, EAS System and Intercom System which categorized as security system. For further division, Turnstiles, Fingerprint, Face Detection are categorized as Access Control System ; CCTV Solution includes Remote Monitoring, Thermal Camera and more functions ; Video Intercom or the Classic model classified as Intercom System.

Q: How to apply AI technology in security system?

A: Security system covered Biometrics, Video Analytics, Machine Learning those AI technologies. Take an example of Access Control, access card or pin had been replaced by biometrics technology for effectively tracing the in/out recording, attendance record and identify the identity ; Another example of CCTV, typically equipped with AI technology on people counting, video analytics, smoke and fire detection to monitor the situation, it drives the value creation for business successful.

Q: Why it is important to install security system?

A: AI-equipped security system able to reduce the risk of criminal behavior, recognize threats based on preset parameters as well as reducing investigation time through the analytics, and providing insights to formulate security strategies.

Q: Does remote monitoring connected to the smartphone?

A: Yes, various CCTV systems contain the application for administrator or operator to monitoring the situation at anywhere at any time, which is the simple and effective security monitoring solution.

Q: How to select the reliable security system company?

A: Select a licenced security company to handle security services including Design and Consultancy, Project Management, System Testing and After-sales Services. Ensec Solutions is a licenced security system company, we provide One-stop Security and IT Solution to Retail, Commercial, Government, Education and NGO and more industries throughout the AI technology and the latest security solutions. Last but not least, Ensec Solutions is the first and only licenced security system company awarded “Hong Kong Premier Service Brand” Award in Hong Kong.

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