Precaution of Safe Relocation

To prevent the theft or loss of documents, enterprises use commercial safe for protection generally and commonly applied in jewelry, watches, vintage, banking industries. However, how to move the commercial safe when encountering a relocation situation? Let’s have a check.

Remove the Stuff and Get the Protection

Before moving the commercial safe, we recommend to take out the items from the safe before door locked, which prevent the damage of the safe structure or safety lock. Take the adhesive film, bubble wrap, blankets to protect the safe that avoid any friction, scratches and collisions on the appearance.

Since the volume and weight of the commercial safe are larger and heavier than the household safe, the door and cabinet will be separated to reduce the difficulty of handling if the safe is detachable. In converse, it will be moved to the vehicle by cart, planks, movable wheels for assistance.

Example as jewelry company, the weight of safe between 800KG to 1500KG which necessary to carry the special handling equipment ( need protection to against collision beforehand ). If steps required during the handling process, it needs a wooden plank and machine rope to avoid the damage during driving and smoothly transported to the designated location.

Any considerations when moving a vault?

Compared with a commercial safe, vault placed in a cabinet and mostly made with customized size, which may need to consider below criteria:

    • The dimensions and weight of the vault
    • Stairs at the relocation site on both sides and any elevators
    • Measure the space for stairs and elevators for handling vault
    • Whether the vault door too heavy and needs to disassemble
    • Crane handling if no stairs and elevators


The vault can be considered as a special heavy object which needs to evaluate the conditions when transporting.

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