3 Minutes to Understand How People Counting System Provides Analytical Data to Enterprise

People Counting System is a generic people counting and flow management tool, with the latest technology to maximize its management effectively. Besides of public area, different venues apply people counting system to follow the social distance restriction, as good as to elevate their shopping experience after retrieving analytical data.

Advantages of People Counting System

Data analyst assist to manage people flow and formulate marketing strategies, which works with analyze customer behavior and people counting. Thus, any additional advantages while using people counting system?

Reduce Waiting Time

By counting the number of people, people counting system able to estimate the average waiting time, to reduce visitors’ anxiety and avoid complaints.

Effectively Manage On-site Facilities

Crowd environment caused high risk and increase the probability of facilities loss. With people counting system, the host would be easily to manage and avoid crowd situation which ensure facilities and exhibits are in a good condition. Also, the host can flexibly arrange assistants to assist.

Maintain Social Distance Restriction

Crowd monitoring not only monitor the situation, but providing a room to maintain the social distance restriction. Meanwhile, the system has real-name system to trace infected people along with the disease prevention measures.

Elevate The Shopping Experience

To create a comfort shopping experience, the host able to limit number of people. Additionally, the host can change the waiting time directly throughout the people counting system, in order to uplift customers’ experiences.

Application of People Counting System

After understanding the system, how to apply the system into the venue and where can be applied?

Application: Schools

Combined with the smart thermal detector and people counting system, students and academy workers had been scanned by biometrics authentication which scanned rapidly, greatly reducing the risk of infection to close contacts.

Application: Exhibition Halls

Majority of people gathered in museums, galleries or libraries during the weekend, people controlling system goods at control visitors with showing waiting time and how many visitors entered the museum, greatly improving the touring experience.

Application: Department Stores

People counting system can be applied to department stores, when the host obtained analytical data to formulate marketing strategies, they would be further understand the shopping process, shopping time, hotspot and more.

It can be seen people counting system delivers various benefits, and effectively upgrade its management. Thus, it also applied to stores, shopping malls, airports, parks and more locations.

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