Ensec Solutions Notes Pressing Need For Enhanced Store Security

Ensec Solutions was interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times, Metro Daily and Ming Pao in which Ensec Solutions remarked an accelerated growth in demand for retail security solutions in recent months.

According to Ensec Solutions, many existing customers requested inspection of their security systems and warranty extension; while a substantial number of both existing and prospective customers enquired about enhanced-level security solutions such as installing store front CCTV and sound recording systems.

Such stepping up of security among retail stores has been driven by an increased awareness of the importance of self-initiated security measures, Ensec Solutions believes. “When your store is well protected by comprehensive security solutions, you always have a peace of mind regardless of developments in the society,” says Ensec Solutions.

As a security technology partner of the retail sector, Ensec Solutions is committed to providing the best available integrated security and IT solutions to its customers. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers to safeguard their interests.

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