Ensec Solutions Helps Retailers Keep Their Profit

Ensec Solutions was recently interviewed by TVB Pearl’s “Money Magazine” and TVB iNews’ “A Closer Look”, two popular current affairs and business programmes in Hong Kong.

In the interviews, Ensec Solutions shares improved anti-theft technology that successfully counters shoplifter tricks. It also notes an increase in demand for integrated security and IT solutions in the pre-festive shopping season.

An international study finds that Hong Kong has the highest rate of shoplifting in regions surveyed.* Smart phones, milk powder, medications and beauty products are the most stolen merchandise for their high demand in the illegal market. Shoplifting can eat up a significant amount of retail profits.

A long-term reliable partner of the retail sector, Ensec Solutions has been helping retailers prevent loss from shoplifting effectively, which has a positive direct influence on their profits.

You can watch the interviews on our YouTube channel or on mytv.tvb.com and news.tvb.com.

* The Global Retail Theft Barometer 2013 – 2014 study