Ensec Solutions Wins HSBC Living Business awards

Ensec Solutions has won bronze award in Community Engagement and certificate of excellence in Caring for People at HSBC Living Business 2015.

The accolades are recognition that Ensec Solutions implements sustainable best practices in contributing to the community through donation and volunteerism, concurrently, providing a supportive and safe work environment where employees can thrive professionally and personally.

The HSBC Living Business programme is organized by HSBC. The programme aims at promoting corporate sustainability among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong. Ensec Solutions was judged as an outstanding performer in the two categories among more than 1,600 participating businesses in 2015.

The judges were impressed by Ensec Solutions ’s clearly defined corporate social responsibility vision and plan, based on which the company actively and consistently donates and volunteers for charities helping the needy and schemes nurturing young entrepreneurs. Moreover, Ensec enthusiastically participates in charity sports events, a way to encourage work-life balance and foster team relationships.

For more information, please visit HSBC Living Business.