Ensec Solutions Shares Views on “Original Grant Patent” System in Ming Pao and Wen Wei Po

Ensec Solutions was invited by Ming Pao and Wen Wei Po to give views on the current patent system in Hong Kong, underscoring the pressing need for Hong Kong to have its own “original grant patent” (OGP) system so as to facilitate local innovation and Hong Kong’s transformation into a regional research and development hub.

In the interviews, Ensec Solutions remarks that the security industry is impacted by the current “re-registration” system. The absence of an OGP system sometimes drives up costs for customers. As products with patents tend to offer more confidence, customers are drawn to select patented yet more expensive foreign brands over unpatented local brands. This also discourages investors from locating their research and development resources in Hong Kong, which could hinder the industry growth.

As a leading integrated security and IT solutions provider, Ensec Solutions is committed to total customer satisfaction and promoting overall industry advancement. We hope a more user-friendly and cost-effective patent system will soon be launched in Hong Kong so that our wider industry can be more competitive.

Please visit the two newspapers’ websites at  www.mingpao.com and www.wenweipo.com respectively, or click below for full version of the two articles.