Ensec Solutions as a Role Model for Youths on Entrepreneurial Spirit And Competence

Ensec Solutions takes the greatest pleasure in sharing its success story, more importantly, what it takes to build an outstanding business, with Hong Kong’s young and dynamic in “The Key for Successful Entrepreneurship”, the 5th in the book series “Youth Employment”, published by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG).

“The Key for Successful Entrepreneurship” incorporates the success stories of Ensec Solutions and the other 14 winners of HSBC Youth Business Award. Established in 2009, Ensec Solutions has developed into a market leader in integrated security and IT solutions. In the book, it communicates to readers that credibility and goodwill, an employee-friendly approach to management, customer-centric services, recognized technical expertise and continuous improvement are the essential factors on its triumph to business success. Further, Ensec Solutions ’s clear social mission is its innovation driver.

Ensec Solutions hopes to inspire young people and all those interested in starting their own business to become successful, responsible and groundbreaking entrepreneurs through “The Key for Successful Entrepreneurship”. Further information of the book is available at the HKFYG website at www.hkfyg.org.hk