Ensec Solutions Advises On How To Close CCTV Loopholes

Ensec Solutions was interviewed by Metro Daily, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily and The Sun in which it gladly shared professional views on how to uplift retail shops’ anti-robbery security systems following the armed robbery at a luxury watch shop in March 2015.

The robbery case exposed certain blind spots in the present security solutions used by many retailers and underscored the need for upgrades to offer more comprehensive protection, in particular, for shops that sell valuables and luxury goods.

One blind spot is the current high-angle cameras cannot catch the faces of culprits, especially if they wear a hat or mask. In the interviews, Ensec Solutions stressed the critical importance of installing hidden cameras at face level to capture identifiable images of a person’s face. Effective surveillance solutions that provide all-round monitoring are essential for prevention and protection against crimes.

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