EAS Pedestal

EAS Pedestal is one of the types which most commonly found on the street, to minimize the chance of shoplifting. The Pedestal solutions are widely used in retail industries such as supermarket, cosmetic store, clothing store, digital product store, etc.

People Counting System

People Counting System is one of the most common systems for operation team to observe and analyze historical trends in your performance. From counting customer visit to detail heatmap solutions of the store, there is a one-stop user-friendly cloud platform for management and gather the data. Accurate data can be received with the advance 3D sensor.


RFID is a wireless communication tool, featuring read and write data in RFID tags and cards. RFID applies in elderly centre and child care centre in recent years, especially the patient suffer from dementia, and Anti-Wandering Solution has developed to reduce patient missing effectively due to the RFID technology.

Anti-Wandering solution is easy to operate, when patients wander away while embedded RFID tag on their clothes, the analytical result will transform a signal to the system. When the system sounds on, caregivers will know where patients going when the information displayed on the system.⁣

IT Services

Ensec Solutions is a one-stop provider of IT solutions in Hong Kong and Macau, a wide range of IT solutions including design, supply, install and offer maintenance services. With our experienced IT Team, Ensec Solutions offers flexible and scalable IT solutions to clients for the loss preventation, in terms of the cost saving and providing the full supporting services.

Infrared Sensor

Infrared Sensor is mainly function that it was an activity detection sensor, such as infrared anti-theft sensor connected to the alarm system. When any person or object is detected (without office hours) moving, the alarm system will be triggered immediately to ensure the safety of corporate property.

Remote Monitoring Solution

Remote monitoring uses an internet connection to take the images your CCTV cameras are picking up, and send them to an external remote monitoring station, some camera models are even capable of remote directional and zoom control.

The needs of remote monitoring equipment for home and business application are different. Business use remote monitoring solution requires video surveillance systems, surveillance screens, alarm systems, network switches, surveillance hard disk recordings, software/applications (applicable to computers and/or mobile phones), etc. In recent years, a flexible working model where employees work partly in the physical workplace, and partly remote at home. Hybrid Work has also become the new normal in the workplace, and that’s why remote monitoring has gradually become popular as it is a convenient way for user to adjust camera settings such as lens orientation and resolution at any time to capture real-time information, and help companies make real-time decisions to avoid accidents and crimes.

Display Security

When luxury products or electronic devices are required to be displayed, and customers are able to contact the display items directly, various product display solutions can help to prevent theft.

Face Recognition

To enhance the security level without remembering the password for in/out records, face detection is one of the smartest way to verify our identification due to our unique features. Throughout the smart access solution, facial recognition system enable to secure workplace safety in terms of the digital transformation.


Access Card

Access card is the generic usage on access control system, simply access via scanning on the card reader and mainly applied to Housing Estate, Commercial Building, Warehouse or even an elevator for the designated area, in order to prevent the high risk management if other parties retrieve the pin.