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Ensec offers all-in-one security solutions
Ensec offers all-in-one security solutions


Elevator Wireless CCTV system

Air@-EL100 is an LED optical video transmission system specially designed for elevator surveillance security systems to solve cabling and installation problems.

Online and real-time control Access Control System

Brivo OnAir is a Web-hosted access control solution that provides reliable, real-time access control of your facilities. The system is easily administered via a standard web browser.

Integrated Access Control System

RBH IRC-2000 is an intelligent Controller that allows the control of two access control points (doors). It utilizes flash firmware for easy upgrades, and employs fully distributed intelligence for off-line operations.

Fingerprint reader and facial recognition reader

FingerTec’s R2 Fingerprint reader is made to manage door accessibilities at your work or home area, able to support fingerprint, card, password or any combination of the three methods as a means of controlling access in a secured area.

Network video recorder (NVR)

NE-4080 is a network video recorder which can operate independently. It can simultaneously record up to 8 cameras and let users operate with their smart phones.

Various models of EAS pedestals, floor conceal and door loop systems

eGuard EG6088S is an AM pedestal EAS model with slim design, suitable for various widths of shop entrances. The limited backfield minimizes false alarms and provides reliable protection to your open display merchandise.

Display security and alarm system for mobile phone, tablet, camera display

eGuard – 15921 IStand is a wireless alarm system ideal for mobile phone, tablets and cameras display. With RFID transmit features, it enhances management control with quick and accurate identification of device being tampered and keep records.