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Ensec’s offering is supported by forefront technology, providing customized solutions in access control, video surveillance and intrusion prevention, and the support and maintenance of IT networks, servers, storage facilities and integrated software.

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Remote Monitoring Solution


Remote monitoring uses an internet connection to take the images your CCTV cameras are picking up, and send them to an external remote monitoring station, some camera models are even capable of remote directional and zoom control.

The needs of remote monitoring equipment for home and business application are different. Business use remote monitoring solution requires video surveillance systems, surveillance screens, alarm systems, network switches, surveillance hard disk recordings, software/applications (applicable to computers and/or mobile phones), etc. In recent years, a flexible working model where employees work partly in the physical workplace, and partly remote at home. Hybrid Work has also become the new normal in the workplace, and that’s why remote monitoring has gradually become popular as it is a convenient way for user to adjust camera settings such as lens orientation and resolution at any time to capture real-time information, and help companies make real-time decisions to avoid accidents and crimes.

The remote monitoring solution is suitable for different business such as fitness centre, co-working space, event venue, etc.

Video Surveillance System is used to see in different locations, such as office, warehouse, retail stores, restaurants and more locations. However, remote monitoring is in high-demand these years, and mobile CCTV camera is one of the popular video surveillance facilities to monitor the real-time situation. Take an example of restaurants, mobile cctv camera can be used as real-time monitoring and keep a record easily when accident occurred;It takes deterrent factor once installed video surveillance in retail stores, and can be keep a record as well as real-time monitoring throughout the mobile cctv camera.

Millions of dollars’ worth of property was reported stolen from office every year, Businesses must take appropriate anti-theft measures to prevent theft from recurring. The most effective office anti-theft measure is to install video surveillance system. Ensec Solutions recommends installing the following security equipments to reduce security risks, even if the office is empty during lunch hours and non-business hours, or there are frequent visitors and couriers, etc.

Security System as follow:

  • CCTV
  • NVR
  • Monitor LED/LCD
  • Infrared Sensor
  • Burglar Alarm System
  • Access Control
  • Intercom System

Through the above security equipment, the office can be monitored 24×7, which can effectively prevent suspicious persons when entering the office and reduce the chance of theft. When a company has installed an alarm system with infrared sensor, if an intruder enters the office, the alarm system will respond immediately and notify relevant personnel to ensure the safety of company property and employees.

Working Principle

Monitoring is Video Surveillance system the physical basis for real-time monitoring in key departments or important places in various industries. Management departments can obtain effective data and images through it Or sound information, Video Surveillance system and memory of the process of sudden abnormal events, used to provide efficient and timely command and height, deploy police force, and handle cases. With the rapid development and promotion of current computer applications, a powerful wave of digitization has been set off all over the world, and the digitization of various equipment has become the primary goal of security protection. The performance characteristics of the digital monitoring alarm are: real-time display of the Video Surveillance system, single-channel adjustment function of video image quality, each video speed can be set separately, fast retrieval, multiple video mode setting functions, automatic backup, pan/tilt/lens control function, Network transmission, etc. Install a time generator to superimpose the time display on the image. When the line is long, install an audio and video amplifier to ensure the quality of audio and video monitoring. Scope of application-internal and external environments of banks, securities business premises, enterprises, institutions, government agencies, and commercial premises, building passages, parking lots, internal and external environments of high-end communities, libraries, hospitals, parks.

Product interface diagram

The system innovatively realizes the integration and linkage of video surveillance and conference, so as to achieve the dual functions of monitoring and communication, and fully meet the needs of remote monitoring and emergency command in various fields such as transportation, water conservancy, oil field, banking, and telecommunications. Application scope: suitable for monitoring of real estate, buildings, factories, warehouses, logistics, chain stores, stores, and kindergarten parent-child online.

Typical application

If the video scene is a road junction or a community entrance, as long as the license plate area has appeared in the video, the device can automatically recognize the license plate number and prompt the user in text. It can be used for the inspection of illegal vehicles. For example, a license plate vehicle escaped after an accident. If there are intelligent recognition video servers at all major crossings in the city, the system can only set one or several plate numbers to be checked into the system at a time through the network In each of the smart devices, once the vehicle with this license plate appears in the field of vision, it can immediately alert, saving a lot of police resources For example, the distance confirmation markings of highways remind drivers not to speed but speeding still occurs frequently. Imagine if you install an intelligent video server on the highway, we only need to draw two lines in the field of view. If we know that the actual distance between the two lines is 100 M, input them into the device, and the device can automatically calculate each entry. The speed of the vehicle, and immediately call the police when speeding For example, one-way roads or exits or entrances of stations and airports. Traffic and people flow in one direction. Once someone goes retrograde, the system will automatically recognize it and generate an alarm. Smart devices can identify passing pedestrians and vehicles and can count the number of passing people or vehicles. Imagine installing such a smart device at an intersection or the entrance of a convention and exhibition center, and you can count the past traffic or people flow. Can provide more and more timely information for bus dispatch 

The biggest feature

The system innovatively realizes the integration and linkage of video surveillance and meeting and can manage remote equipment flexibly and effectively. Through the recording, playback, linkage alarm, monitoring strategy formulation, emergency command and other applications of remote monitoring objects, the dual functions of monitoring and communication are achieved

Work characteristics

The digitization of video surveillance should first be the conversion of information flow (including video, audio, control, etc.) in the system from analog to digital. This will completely break the structure of “classic closed-circuit television systems are centered on camera imaging technology”. Change the way and structure of the video surveillance system from information collection, data processing, transmission, and system control. The digitization of information flow, coding compression, and open protocols enable seamless connection between the intelligent network video surveillance system and the various subsystems in the security system and realize management and control on a unified operating platform. This is the system.

Integration meaning

The network of video surveillance will transition from an integrated system to a distributed system based on the structure of this system. The distributed system adopts a multi-layer hierarchical structure, with micro-kernel technology for multi-tasking, multi-user, and distributed operating systems. The fast response of preemptive task scheduling algorithm. The hardware and software that constitute the distributed video surveillance system adopts standardized, modular and systematic design. The configuration of video surveillance system equipment has strong versatility, good openness, flexible system configuration and control functions. Perfect, convenient data processing, friendly man-machine interface, simple system installation, debugging and maintenance, system safety, fault tolerance and reliable functions The networked video surveillance has broken the geographical and quantitative boundaries of the deployment area and equipment expansion to some extent. System networking will enable the sharing of hardware and software resources of the entire network system, as well as the sharing of tasks and loads. This is an important concept of system integration.

Video Surveillance System four parts

The video surveillance system is logically divided into four parts. They are front-end system, transmission network, monitoring center, management platform. The front-end system supports multiple types of camera access. The front-end coaxial camera shoots and transforms the signal into a digital network signal. This is done on the standard encoding format and communication protocol. The video image can be transmitted directly through the network. The front-end system connects the front-end high-definition camera to the switching switch through the network transmission equipment, and then the replacement switching signal is aggregated to the core switch. The part of the monitoring center is to store high-definition video images, which are in the format of NVR. Then use the high-definition decoder to complete the decoding and splitting of the video. The system can insert analog, network, and digital cameras into the video decoder. Thereby, the management platform, the switching control system, and the display system can be unified, and the unified configuration and management of the system can be realized. The platform part can manage the system and users uniformly, and can provide some basic operation space.