Ensec is dedicated to offer a wide range of retail security solutions to protect stores against theft and losses, at the same time, improve profitability. We are a reliable security partner of the retail industry. We analyze the needs and requirements of our retail clients and provide them with leading end-to-end security solutions that yield results and benefits for them.


EAS system is commonly used in the retail industry to minimize the chance of shoplifting. Common application examples are supermarkets, cosmetics stores, clothing stores, electronic or digital product stores, etc. Ensec Solutions offers anti-theft systems equipped with acousto-magnetic (AM) technology and RFID technology. Client can choose the most suitable model according to individual applications, needs and special situations. Both technologies can match with different types of detectors, including pedestal, floor conceal and door loop systems to meet various door widths, detection ranges and store aesthetic requirements, as well as enhancing customers shopping experience.

Digital protection and self alarm system​


The cable alarm protector is designed specifically to protect shopping malls and retail stores against shoplifting while maintaining the best shopping experience for shoppers. Our solutions are strong deterrent to potential store theft, covering:
  • acrylic stands of various styles and sizes, suiting different display requirements;
  • a wide range of adaptors and connectors for power charging and connecting digital devices;
  • RFID and remote alarm functions, which can be conveniently disarmed through remote resetter. Each tag can be programmed for individual ID and setting;
  • other alarm protectors specially designed for luxury bags, wines and packaged goods.
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Burglar Alarm system is important for every business and industry, Ensec Solutions provides tailor made burglar alarm systems that can be adapted to different environmental conditions and are easy to operate. If the system detects an emergency situation such as a fire or an intruder, the system will immediately notify the client and the alarm will sound; if a burglary occurs, the system will also notify the 24-hour control center to contact the police and leave alarm records.

Commercial security system

Benefits of commercial security systems

Having a commercial security system allows you to monitor both internal and external activities, so you can protect your organization and lessen the impact of any negative incidents. From catching thieves in the act to observing your building in real time from any location, here are some of the top benefits of investing in a commercial security system:

  • Enables video recording
    Many security systems not only offer video monitoring, but they can record video. DVRs (digital video recorders) allow you to record and date images for future reference, which can be used to solve internal issues and track down external intruders. Video footage is stored on either digital video discs, a computer hard drive or the cloud.
  • Provides remote access to video monitoring
    Most wireless cameras use the same internet protocol to transmit data that is used across private and public networks. This makes the digitized video remotely accessible through a computer, tablet or smartphone. In some cases, video monitoring equipment can be remotely operated using an internet connection.Having remote access to video monitoring allows you to see what’s happening on-site at any time, no matter where you are and take any necessary action.
  • Reduces theft
    Having a video security system in place can significantly reduce both internal and external theft. If you are concerned about employee theft, hidden cameras can catch thieves in the act. Retail businesses can also more easily identify shoplifters and prevent them from returning to the premises.
  • Boosts safety and productivity
    Video systems also monitor employee behavior and detect inefficient or unsafe work habits, allowing you to better understand daily workflows and how to improve upon them. The “dummy camera” effect may even encourage workers to be on their best behavior, which can increase safety and productivity. Recorded footage can also be used in performance reviews or as a training aid to point out unsafe work practices.

Video door-phone system (also known as video door entry or video intercom) is a stand-alone intercom system used to manage communication between the entrance to a building (residential complex, detached family home, workplace, etc.) and a resident inside of the building. Using a video door phone, residents and visitors can communicate audiovisually. Video door entry is notable because it enables a person indoors to visually identify a visitor before deciding to allow that visitor access. Previous generations of intercoms limited in-unit residents to audio communication only.
When a visitor presses one of the outdoor panel pushbuttons, the built-in camera is connected and the image captured outdoors appears on the monitor screen. Connection takes place automatically with no need to activate the equipment, which is one of the essential elements of video door-phone system. As of this point, the person inside the building can open the door if they wish or begin a conversation, which is usually secret. The equipment also disconnects automatically after a set time has elapsed. The video entry system as a whole runs on low voltage energy from the building’s trunk.

Contactless Access Control provides fast and secure access while entry or exit, take RFID as sample, RFID sensor able to detect a large area that doors open automatically. Contactless Access Control System mostly applying in hospital, elderly centre and childcare centre, and contactless access control system starts applying in different locations.