Ensec offers complete security and IT solutions for customers with high demands for efficient security solutions, who are in the banking and financial, retail, transport and logistics, and health care sectors, etc.

Ensec’s offering is supported by forefront technology, providing customized solutions in access control, video surveillance and intrusion prevention, and the support and maintenance of IT networks, servers, storage facilities and integrated software.

At Ensec, customers’ specific needs are met with our specialist knowledge of security and technology, skilled analysis of the customers’ processes and risk views, by which we can always provide the right solutions.


Access Control provides security by flexibly controlling who is permitted to enter a location, whichever is traditional contactless smart card, biometrics, time attendance and turnstiles. The access control system is effectively manage to ensure the free access of authorized personnel and restricting the entry of unauthorized personnel.

Video door-phone system (also known as video door entry or video intercom) is a stand-alone intercom system, and a low voltage energy from the building’s trunk to manage the communication between visitors and a residents audiovisually. As a notable video door entry, it enables a person indoors to visually identify a visitor before allowing visitors’ entry which previous generations of intercoms limited in-unit residents to audio communication only.

When visitor presses outdoor panel pushbuttons, the built-in camera is connected while capturing outdoor images appeared on the monitor screen. Connection takes place automatically with no equipment activation, which is one of the essential elements of video door-phone system. At this point, resident can open the door secretly if they wish or begin a conversation. The equipment will disconnect automatically after a set time has elapsed.

In order to effectively manage and record employees’ attendance record, Time Attendance Systems are commonly used by Human Resources Department to simplify the work processes. The main functions of Time Attendance System are to track and monitor employees working hours as well as compile data on employee attendance, analyze the findings and create a report. Leave management features allow the employees to view leave information and request time off through the system, which minimize the operational cost and providing a comprehensive, all-in-one place for employee management functions.

While Access Card is by far the most common way to record employees working hours nowadays, the unique biometric technologies like Facial, Fingerprint and Palm Recognition, time attendance systems become popular in the business world which are user friendly and help companies cost saving while ensuring there is no abuse of company time.