Ensec offers complete security and IT solutions for customers with high demands for efficient security solutions, who are in the banking and financial, retail, transport and logistics, and health care sectors, etc.

Ensec’s offering is supported by forefront technology, providing customized solutions in access control, video surveillance and intrusion prevention, and the support and maintenance of IT networks, servers, storage facilities and integrated software.

At Ensec, customers’ specific needs are met with our specialist knowledge of security and technology, skilled analysis of the customers’ processes and risk views, by which we can always provide the right solutions.


Access control provides security by flexibly controlling who is permitted to enter a location and when. Ensec’s commitment to customer benefits has helped us build a reputation as a premier provider of high quality access control solutions. We have completed a vast array of projects for large-scale facilities in Hong Kong and Macau. We are well experienced in system design and installation. From a single door up to hundreds of doors across multiple sites, we can customize a solution to meet the customer’s standards, needs and budget. We are capable of supplying and installing different brands of access control systems available on the market. We can provide consultation as to what best suits customers, objectively considering specific customer parameters. Our portfolio of solutions includes:

  • traditional contactless smart card readers, scramble keypads to biometrics readers (fingerprint, iris, 3D facial recognition, etc.);
  • electric door locks to suit all kinds of door materials and situations, e.g. electromagnetic locks (with or without z-bracket), dropbolt locks (with or without ball positioning), electric strikes, electric strikes for frameless glass doors, electric mortise locks, etc.;
  • security access gates installation and implementation;
  • conducting analysis on the network bandwidth usage of access control systems to ensure smooth daily operation;
  • visitor management systems to help customers better organize day-to-day business activities;
  • integration with video surveillance systems to enhance the efficiency of security management for record tracking and analysis;
  • time and attendance systems;
  • integration with existing HR applications; and
  • integration with building management systems (BMS) and home automation systems.

Ensec’s capabilities are not limited to the above. Our competency and innovative mindset allow us to tailor an access control solution to meet any requirements in differing circumstances. Ensec is your reliable partner. Contact us to find out how we can add value to your operation.