A Minute to Study: Turnstiles

Turnstiles mainly installed at train station and the airport, it applies to more places due to its convenience. Throughout the biometrics technology, enterprise starts using biometrics turnstiles instead of the traditional style for effectively monitoring the situation. Hence, what should we look forward on the biometrics turnstiles?

Biometrics Turnstiles

Biometrics turnstiles generally applied in office buildings, factories, airport, theme parks, and specifically limit the exit-entry permit when differentiate staff and visitors by screening the biometrics scanner. During the pandemic period, public has high demand on biometrics turnstiles due to hygiene and safety reasons. Take an example of office buildings, it used to install Thermal Camera for temperature measurement and Turnstiles ( Swing Barrier, Flap Barrier and Tripod Turnstiles ) for entry or exit control.  However, Biometrics Turnstiles include temperature measurement, accuracy rate of face verification almost 99%, variety of traffic width and direction, adjustable turnstile gate direction and integrate any brand of access card readers, which exploit the economic impact with time-saving factor.

Intelligentization in High Speed Rail

Biometrics Turnstiles not only applied in commercial buildings, but also the public transportation to speed up passenger flow. Give an example of the cross-boundary land transport in Hong Kong, several self-service stations equipped with facial detection, which combined the ticket and identification as one for simplifying the entry procedures. Meanwhile, the width of gate can be adjusted between 550mm and 990mm for wheelchair users and tourist purposes.

With the latest technology of Access Control, Biometrics Turnstiles able to meet different venue application. For any enquiries, please contact Ensec Solutions for more details by email at enquiry@ensecsolutions.com or reaching us at (852) 2343 6884.

Intelligent Robot: Redefine the Catering Services

AI technology will become commercialized and Intelligent Robot has been embedded. Intelligent Robot starts applying in food and beverage industry from greetings to delivery services, and automate the service management for exposing the new edge.

Intelligent Robot Applies to Different Cuisine Styles

Each Intelligent Robot has various features such as Anti-Collision System that keeps a safe distance and prevent collisions, Support U turn lane and fork road design, Tailor-made Design for different turning angels which fit into the design of the restaurant. Although the Smart Robot size is different, the food delivery services remain high stability while routing in a complex and crowded environment with the smart navigation. The highlight is Smart Robot will not limit its operation and delivering services wherever in the following restaurants or cuisine styles as Japanese, Western, Korean BBQ, Ramen, Chinese Cuisine, Hotpot and more types of restaurants.

Taking an example of Korean restaurant in Hong Kong, the Intelligent Robot has a lidar sensor underneath, once scanning the location and its route, it will be running with the designated route and away from the restricted areas, meanwhile, the robot has 2 – 4 trays (removable) that efficiency than staff delivered. Another example of shabu shabu shop, after pulling Intelligent Robot into the restaurant, it able to cater 40 plates of meat from the kitchen, which is 4 – 5 times more than hand-delivered food. It could be seen that Intelligent Robot has a high stability during the food delivering services, as well as solving the labor issue or occupational injury that commonly happen in food and beverage industry.

New Catering Experience Throughout Intelligent Robot

The robot is cost effectively in food & beverage industry because it has basic and simple functions including greetings, take a seat and ordering food. The robot can also assist for greetings during the non-busy mealtime, simple interaction with guests, take turns to the seat and sing a birthday song for guest. The highlight is if applied 2 robots in the restaurant, they can communicate with each other and recharge themselves when they are free, to maximize their functions and quality services.

As good as Intelligent Robot starts enhancing customer experience in food & beverage industry, to fix labor shortage, operational cost, hygiene facilities those core issues. During this revolution, Intelligent Robot becomes a partner with workers that delivering value in a rapidly changing business model. If you are interested on Smart Robert, please contact us by email at enquiry@ensecsolutions.com or reach us via (852) 2343 6884 for more details.

All Round Security Solutions in Smart Campus

Nearly 1,000 academies with over 10,000 teachers and students in Hong Kong, and campus safety is accorded with high priority. While facing the campus security issues, intelligent security system act as a professional “Safe Guard” besides of the workers and security guard, to build a safety and zero-crisis campus.

Over 10 Campus Areas Are Required For Security Installation

To further strengthen campus security, majority of schools have been installed various security and anti-theft systems on the following areas to enhance the security level.

Video Surveillance

By 24-hour video surveillance, it works for monitoring inside and outside the campus which the generic security equipment can effectively prevent the suspicious cases, to reduce the chance of burglarized.

Suggested locations: Campus Entrance, School Office, Assembly Hall, Corridor, Playground, Library

Access Control and Attendance System

The access control and attendance system can identify and control the access rights of staff and visitors, while the attendance record can eliminate the workload of data entry.

Suggested locations: School Office, Staff Room, Conference Room

Intercom system

Intercom system is commonly installed the entrance of staff room that prevent students trespassing into the room. Also, the built-in camera able to identify visitors distantly to ensure the campus safety.

Suggested locations: School Office, Staff Room, Security Room

Burglar Alarm

If burglar alarm detects the intruder, burglar alarm will whines and notify the control centre directly with 24-hour alarm system.

Suggested locations: Corridor, Multi-purpose Activity Room, Laboratory, Assembly Hall, School Office, Staff Room

Thermal Temperature Detection

Thermal temperature detection can effectively and quickly identify fever cases, including color image screenshots, hot spot tracking, etc., that protect teachers and students in a timely manner.

Suggested locations: Campus Entrance, Medical Station

Intelligent Robot

Nowadays, intelligent Robert, AV equipment and broadcasting systems are commonly equipped with classroom instead of using blackboard teaching. Throughout the smart devices, it is not only for supporting teaching purpose but also enhancing students’interest in learning.

Suggested locations: STEM Lab / STEAM Lab, Classroom, Multi-purpose Activity Room

Cloud Management System in Campus

The popularization of intelligence or digitalization has led to the rise of centralization, allowing user to centrally manage real-time data and upload to cloud system for data analysis. In daily basis, teachers can access, record, edit, modify and create teaching materials at anytime and anywhere. However, some academies still observing the trend of intelligence, and the overwhelming materials and data could be integrated to the management system that saving the unnecessary steps.

Besides of teaching, cloud-based management system can be used for management on AI People Counting. AI People Counting needs lenses, automatic alarm systems and facial recognition tracking devices to conduct real-time statistics. To accelerate the campus safety, it is well pleased to upload real-time data while processing the video analytics to cloud-based system. Moreover, there has more security and anti-theft systems can be installed to campus areas, such as Library Management System, Wireless Walkie-Talkie, Automatic Barrier System, Notebook, AV System, Turnstiles, RFID technology and more security management systems and equipment, which can take smart security management to achieve security requirements nowadays.

If you are interested in the above products and services, please contact us by email enquiry@ensecsolutions.com or call (852) 2343 6884 for more product information.

Top 5 Security Items for Retail Stores

Hong Kong – named as Shopping Paradise, not only providing the quality services to customers, also giving a safety shopping environment to reduce the criminal activities under CCTV system. Besides of CCTV system, which security facilities need to be installed in a retail store? What is the next security trend? Let’s check the following features and it will help you a lot.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a must-have security facility at the store, it works for deterrence and monitor the real-time situation. Nowadays, CCTV applied AI technology featuring video analytics function on Face Recognition, Behaviour Analytics, Smoke and Fire Detection and other object recognition analytics on behaviour analysis and application analysis. This AI video analytics aims to strengthen the security monitoring with reporting purpose and formulate security strategies, which is the popular and frequently used smart security system in these years.


When compared to traditional EAS system, RFID is easy to install and not take up the space that much-loved by luxury brand, fashion brand, supermarkets and department stores. The principle of RFID is emitting radio wave through RFID transmitter, when RFID tag attached an item within the sensing range, it will be identified automatically as well as sending out the radio wave in responding to the RFID transmitter. Due to RFID technology is on a maturity stage in the market, enterprises have acquired RFID technology into inventory management to minimize the operational cost and grasp the stock status.

EAS System

EAS system is one of the traditional security facilities, when the product is not yet degaussed during the checkout process, the electronic signal will be released instantly, examples commonly applying to furniture stores, clothing shops, shoes shops, supermarket and more retail stores. Research study shows the main sources of loss in retail industry in Asia Pacific region is shoplifting and Hong Kong accounted for 55%, and second is theft by dishonest employees and administrative errors. It can be seen EAS system act as a key role in security system to reduce the commodity loss.

Burglar Alarm

Burglar alarm is not installed at restaurants, commercial buildings and residential buildings only, but also shopping malls, retail stores, schools, libraries, stadiums and more locations need to be installed for crime prevention. Burglar alarm typically distinguished with Door Contacts, Passive Infra-red Sensor, Acoustic Glass Break Sensor, Vibration Sensor and Panic Button, which effectively reduce the criminal incident throughout different burglar alarm systems.

Remote Monitoring

To fully monitor the store status, remote monitoring in application could help whenever to monitor warehouse and office status 24 hours. Remote monitoring has multiple functions including Viewing and recording up to 16 cameras simultaneously, Set the number of days to keep recordings, Available to browse on specific software or any browser without geographical restrictions, Select different split screens and more remote monitoring functions. Thus, you can manage the business operation whenever you are staying in with the remote monitoring system.

While the security monitoring is in high demand, Ensec Solutions provides one-stop security system and IT solutions, including Design and Consultancy, Project Management, System Testing and After-sales Services to meet clients’ needs. If you are interested on the above product and services, please contact us by email at enquiry@ensecsolutions.com or reach us via (852) 2343 6884 for more details.


Epoch-making Technology as Palm Vein Recognition

Biometrics technology used human biometrics such as fingerprints, face, iris, voices, etc. for identity authentication. Generally, biometrics technology used in access control management to enhance the identity management. Under the epoch-making changes, palm vein recognition technology (hereinafter referred to as “palm vein recognition”) becomes the most difficult biometrics technology to imitate nowadays, which gradually used in different industries around the world due to prospering in high demand. Let’s explore how palm vein recognition make a change in different industries.

Banking Industry

To replace the traditional seal and follow the paperless strategy, one of the well-known banks in Taiwan draw into the palm vein technology, use infrared sensor for identification from getting venous mapping. Due to the large recognition range of palm, the accuracy and security are much higher than fingerprint recognition, it takes few second for deposit, withdraw, transfer and check the balance, which providing customers with convenient, safe and fast banking services.

Medical Industry

A Japanese hospital combines palm vein technology and access control system, when doctor enters the operating theater, it needs to be the appointed doctor for entrance, even if the doctor is wearing gloves, the system can clearly identify the identity, which may reduce the risk of surgical errors effectively. Also, medical records can also be accessed through palm vein scanner. When the patient’s identity cannot be identified during the emergency situations, the patient can be identified through the palm vein that able to squeeze the time for rescue.

Convenience Stores

One of the largest South Korea’s  agent convenience stores introduced biometrics technology to check out. Consumers can directly complete the check-out once pre-registered and be the member of the payment platform after palm vein scanning. If is the age-restricted product, the system will notify the staff for on-site certification. Hence, carrying cash, credit cards and e-wallets are not necessary when hanging out.


A railway line in China has added the palm vein recognition, in order to identify passengers and avoid the excessive crowd. Through the 0.3-second rapid recognition technology, it contains high accuracy when distinguishing twins and it is not necessary to prepare real-name tickets, individual QR codes and valid identification documents when taking transportation. At the same time, this rapid identification technology able to avoid the excessive flow of people in the gate, capably to carry the needs of hundreds of millions users as good as bringing comfortable and safe riding experience to passengers.

Mobile Manufacturer

The famous mobile phone manufacturer in United States is applying a new patent for palm vein recognition, replacing the existing face unlock and touch unlocking. Besides of the application in smartphones and tablets, this manufacturer also considering to apply in smart watches, where the hand can be placed on screen to complete the authentication.

To conclude, the technical development of palmar vein recognition becomes common over the world, and the scope of application is gradually expanding, it keeps the high-level of accuracy, privacy, recognition rate and reliability. The hard-to-forge identification authentication becomes a unique feature when compared to other biometric systems.

If you are interested in palm vein recognition, please contact us by email enquiry@ensecsolutions.com or call (852) 2343 6884 for more product information.

3 Minutes to Understand How People Counting System Provides Analytical Data to Enterprise

People Counting System is a generic people counting and flow management tool, with the latest technology to maximize its management effectively. Besides of public area, different venues apply people counting system to follow the social distance restriction, as good as to elevate their shopping experience after retrieving analytical data.

Advantages of People Counting System

Data analyst assist to manage people flow and formulate marketing strategies, which works with analyze customer behavior and people counting. Thus, any additional advantages while using people counting system?

Reduce Waiting Time

By counting the number of people, people counting system able to estimate the average waiting time, to reduce visitors’ anxiety and avoid complaints.

Effectively Manage On-site Facilities

Crowd environment caused high risk and increase the probability of facilities loss. With people counting system, the host would be easily to manage and avoid crowd situation which ensure facilities and exhibits are in a good condition. Also, the host can flexibly arrange assistants to assist.

Maintain Social Distance Restriction

Crowd monitoring not only monitor the situation, but providing a room to maintain the social distance restriction. Meanwhile, the system has real-name system to trace infected people along with the disease prevention measures.

Elevate The Shopping Experience

To create a comfort shopping experience, the host able to limit number of people. Additionally, the host can change the waiting time directly throughout the people counting system, in order to uplift customers’ experiences.

Application of People Counting System

After understanding the system, how to apply the system into the venue and where can be applied?

Application: Schools

Combined with the smart thermal detector and people counting system, students and academy workers had been scanned by biometrics authentication which scanned rapidly, greatly reducing the risk of infection to close contacts.

Application: Exhibition Halls

Majority of people gathered in museums, galleries or libraries during the weekend, people controlling system goods at control visitors with showing waiting time and how many visitors entered the museum, greatly improving the touring experience.

Application: Department Stores

People counting system can be applied to department stores, when the host obtained analytical data to formulate marketing strategies, they would be further understand the shopping process, shopping time, hotspot and more.

It can be seen people counting system delivers various benefits, and effectively upgrade its management. Thus, it also applied to stores, shopping malls, airports, parks and more locations.

If you are interested on People Counting System, please contact us by email at enquiry@ensecsolutions.com or reach us via (852) 2343 6884 for more details.

Precaution of Safe Relocation

To prevent the theft or loss of documents, enterprises use commercial safe for protection generally and commonly applied in jewelry, watches, vintage, banking industries. However, how to move the commercial safe when encountering a relocation situation? Let’s have a check.

Remove the Stuff and Get the Protection

Before moving the commercial safe, we recommend to take out the items from the safe before door locked, which prevent the damage of the safe structure or safety lock. Take the adhesive film, bubble wrap, blankets to protect the safe that avoid any friction, scratches and collisions on the appearance.

Since the volume and weight of the commercial safe are larger and heavier than the household safe, the door and cabinet will be separated to reduce the difficulty of handling if the safe is detachable. In converse, it will be moved to the vehicle by cart, planks, movable wheels for assistance.

Example as jewelry company, the weight of safe between 800KG to 1500KG which necessary to carry the special handling equipment ( need protection to against collision beforehand ). If steps required during the handling process, it needs a wooden plank and machine rope to avoid the damage during driving and smoothly transported to the designated location.

Any considerations when moving a vault?

Compared with a commercial safe, vault placed in a cabinet and mostly made with customized size, which may need to consider below criteria:

    • The dimensions and weight of the vault
    • Stairs at the relocation site on both sides and any elevators
    • Measure the space for stairs and elevators for handling vault
    • Whether the vault door too heavy and needs to disassemble
    • Crane handling if no stairs and elevators


The vault can be considered as a special heavy object which needs to evaluate the conditions when transporting.

Along with the safe relocation services, Ensec Solutions is also committed to providing professional one-stop security systems and IT solutions, such as access control system, CCTV system, retail security solution and more, covering design and consulting, project management, system testing and after-sales services to meet your needs. If you are interested in the above products and services, please contact us by email enquiry@ensecsolutions.com or call us at (852) 2343 6884 for more product information.


Debunk Common Myths About Security System

Smart Technology, Digitalization and Big Data become a new business model in each industry, it could be identified as a challenge while turning to the digital transformation, but it drives a positive impact on business performance and its recognition. Disappointedly, a series of questions about security system equipped with digitalization, security monitoring and electronic security turn into common myths. Let’s debunk by following questions.

Q: Security system includes which security facilities?

A: Access Control System, CCTV Solution, Burglar Alarm System, EAS System and Intercom System which categorized as security system. For further division, Turnstiles, Fingerprint, Face Detection are categorized as Access Control System ; CCTV Solution includes Remote Monitoring, Thermal Camera and more functions ; Video Intercom or the Classic model classified as Intercom System.

Q: How to apply AI technology in security system?

A: Security system covered Biometrics, Video Analytics, Machine Learning those AI technologies. Take an example of Access Control, access card or pin had been replaced by biometrics technology for effectively tracing the in/out recording, attendance record and identify the identity ; Another example of CCTV, typically equipped with AI technology on people counting, video analytics, smoke and fire detection to monitor the situation, it drives the value creation for business successful.

Q: Why it is important to install security system?

A: AI-equipped security system able to reduce the risk of criminal behavior, recognize threats based on preset parameters as well as reducing investigation time through the analytics, and providing insights to formulate security strategies.

Q: Does remote monitoring connected to the smartphone?

A: Yes, various CCTV systems contain the application for administrator or operator to monitoring the situation at anywhere at any time, which is the simple and effective security monitoring solution.

Q: How to select the reliable security system company?

A: Select a licenced security company to handle security services including Design and Consultancy, Project Management, System Testing and After-sales Services. Ensec Solutions is a licenced security system company, we provide One-stop Security and IT Solution to Retail, Commercial, Government, Education and NGO and more industries throughout the AI technology and the latest security solutions. Last but not least, Ensec Solutions is the first and only licenced security system company awarded “Hong Kong Premier Service Brand” Award in Hong Kong.

For any enquiries, please contact Ensec Solutions for more details by email at enquiry@ensecsolutions.com or reaching us at (852) 2343 6884.

Take The First Step To Uplift Your Brand Throughout The RFID Technology With EAS in-ceiling

Online shopping is the trend in nowadays, people do not have intention to walk around the shop frequently due to the door-to-door services become a normal practice. However, pick-up the order in store is still one of the choices and how can the retailer provide a qualified shopping experience to customer before their entrance?

Provide a better shopping experience to customer is one of the retailer’s branding strategies, aiming to experience a different shopping journey and the next purchase. Most of the stores deploy a retail security solution like the traditional EAS system (Electronic Article Surveillance System) to protect the asset also against the theft, but it limits the entrance area. Hence, EAS in-ceiling is the most popular retail security solution in the market. This security solution does not involve the extensive structural change, is easily to move the RFID antennas into the ceiling which opens the grand and beautiful entrance, also minimize the response of false alarm.

Examples of applying EAS in-ceiling are frequently used in Supermarket, Department Store, Electronic Store, Fashion Shop, and more retail industries, provide the qualified shopping experience to customers while taking their first step to the shop and look forward to their next purchase.

If you are interested on the above product and services, please contact us by email at enquiry@ensecsolutions.com or reach us via (852) 2343 6884 for more details.