Data Loss Prevention by Curtain e-locker

A threat survey report issued in 2022 revealed that insider attacks have become more frequent, and the number of incidents has risen 44% since 2020. Types of common threats including Data Loss and Exploit of Systems’ Vulnerabilities, and hackers get used posing security threat to the organization through data leak. To prevent the data loss, Data Loss Prevention is your safeguard to prevent sensitive information leaking out from the organization.

Against Insider Attacks

To prevent insider attacks, enterprise must detect and prevent insider attacks before hacked. Curtain e-locker is a Data Loss Prevention system (DLP System) that prevent your confidential files leaking out to the company or competitors, and also work on CCTV system which comprehensively block those malwares.

Curtain e-locker Server Plug-in

After installing DLP System, user only able to share documents in the protected directory where installed DLP System in those specific computers. Protected Directory means the security zone consists of protected data on the server that information can be read and modified, and permission is required if share information externally.

File Sharing (Internal and External)

After installing DLP System, user only available to encrypt, copy and share documents in the workstation internally. When receiver double clicks the encrypted files, it will be automatically decrypted to the protected directory for viewing and editing.

If sending files to external, encrypt the sensitive files with password into the USB or email firstly, when receiver decrypt files by entering correct password, it will be automatically decrypted for viewing and editing.

Online / Offline Protection

User able to use the sensitive data within a period of time when the computer is online. If user need to use the sensitive data when the computer is offline, user can download it to local protected directory which still protected by DLP System. User can edit files in local protected directory and upload it to server when back to the office.


Once computer installed DLP System, it can be detected if anyone record the videos played in that computer and watermark will display for blocking and sharing to internet. Meanwhile, user only save and export the video in protected directory to prevent leaked videos.

Screen Watermark

To enforce the screen watermark displayed on specific applications, screen watermark can be tailor-made, such as User name, Date and time, IP address, Font color, Transparency and more watermark display functions.

Curtain e-locker is a DLP System, it can be applied to Education industry, Government, Banking industry, Pharmaceutical industry and more industries to adopt WFH model. If you are interested on DLP System, please contact us by email at or reach us via (852) 2343 6884 for more details.


Gaining Trust in Access Control System

Enterprise becomes concerning the asset and personal safety in this new era of technology. Have you ever thought Access Control System is one of the monitoring systems to secure the venue safety as well as the CCTV system? Nowadays, Access Control System transforms to Smart Access Control System or Biometrics Access Control System, while reducing multiple steps and errors to meet different needs.

QR Code Access Control System

To enhance the venue security, unique and time-limited QR Code can be pre-generated for allowing authorized person to enter the specific locations. The unique QR Code further improves the convenience of the access control system in terms of cost saving and scalability, where mostly applied in the following places.

    • Office

Only authorized person is allowed to enter and exit the office through QR Code, reducing the security risk and providing a safe working environment.

    • Hotel

Hotel used traditional access cards, keys and password locks to enter hotel rooms in the past. However, the smart way to entry the hotel room is using QR Code as long as saving the labor cost, and visitors can entry the hotel room with the specific QR Code.

    • Co-working Space / Shared Office

Due to the security, only designated visitor(s) can enter the designated rooms, it can reduce the expenses of purchasing additional access cards. It is not only reducing the labor cost, but also recording visitors in-out time effectively and ensuring the security of access control management.


Turnstiles is one of the access control systems, is often installed in banks, office buildings, government administrative buildings, pharmaceutical factories, theme parks, airports and other frequently visited or protected areas that meet the barrier-free access, also solving, managing and controlling the people flow. Turnstiles can be divided as Flap Barrier, Tripod Turnstiles, and Swing Barrier, when the device detects the signal, the door will swing quickly or the metal rod will turn to unlock status to make the pathway accessible. After the epidemic, turnstiles combine the face detection with temperature functions, it quickly identify users’ identity and control the people flow throughout the system, improving the hygiene conditions in public area, providing a good pathway to passengers.

Turnstiles and Smart Access Control features are including but not limited to:

    • Supports two-way face recognition
    • High sensitivity, Fast recognition speed, High accuracy
    • Traffic width and the height of the door wings are adjustable
    • Beautiful design with simple installation

Lift Control System

Lift Control System is mainly controlled and managed through the elevator control system, to prevent strangers enter the building. As lift control system is one of the smart access systems, it only activates by using the access card or authorized use, throughout the card reader in the elevator, which greatly improves the power saving. If use card to take elevator, cardholder is not necessary to press the button to reach the designated floor, such as hotel ; If visitor takes the lift, visitor can use the intercom system to call the resident, the resident can press the start button through the control panel to the designated floor. If there has a fire, lift control system will automatically turned on (manually option is available) due to the safety conditions.

Lift Control System features are including but not limited to:

    • Card reader and Access card
    • Intercom system with visible function
    • Floor Control Panel
    • Communication Converter
    • Computer software or Applications for Access Control Management


There has various access control system facilities to ensure the venue safety and the flexibility of the restricted areas, providing us a smarter, convenient and better traffic experience.

For any enquiries, please contact Ensec Solutions for more details by email at or reaching us at (852) 2343 6884.